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, you have, i mean, g. mail, google voice, drop box, as an announced in the front page of the "washington post" fairly recently after the certain scandal, the use of draft folders, or of course the one of valor that we use the most often is if you chat feature in scrabble. that also is the way a person of valor uses it to blow the seven letter use, i use it to say it's really unfair because i only have vowels. [laughter] so those are things that are not covered 1994 statute. the importance to us is, i think pretty clear what we don't is the ability to go to court and say we need a court order that actually requires the recipient of the order to e effectuate and intercept it. most people who are not lawyers sort of assume that's what you're getting when you be to court and meet the high standards of, you know, the high -- there is a you go the neutral and detached imagine evaluate, you show probable cause you think you are getting an order that you have to effectuate the communication. it's not what you get. you have to provide technical assistance is what you get. as i
proudly served at nasa for 12 years as an astronaut, and i also had the privilege of working at google. and i think that we are using the best of both worlds in managing sentinel. we're combining the technical rigor of nasa which is the best in the world with the innovative, rapid and cost effective practices that i learned at google. and the secret to success, as i learned at both of these organizations, is hiring the very best people, and i think we've done that. so i do want to talk a little bit about nasa. they have a very significant role in this. we are, in a true sense, a public/private partnership. we have a space act agreement in which nasa will be allowing us to use the deep space network of telescopes to transmit our data, and also nasa experts are part of our review teams. so they are very important part of our project. sentinel will be important on a firm of levels. not only will it enable us to know if an asteroid is going to hit the earth in time to deflect one, but it'll find asteroids that merely come close to the earth, and this happens all the time. and these asteroi
. just last year, a subcommittee report outlined how just three u.s. companies -- apple, google and microsoft -- had used offshore gimmicks to avoid taxes on almost $80 billion in profi profits. much of this tax avoidance stems from manipulation of intellectual property and other intangibles. companies develop valuable knowledge within the united states, often using tax credits, grants and other federal suppo support. they then transfer that valuable property under various legal schemes to offshore subsidiaries at bargain basement prices, thereby shifting the profit that this valuable property generates overseas where it is shielded from taxes. other offshore schemes involve pretzel-like twisting of tax laws. for example, the subcommittee found that hewlett-packard employed such a gimmick to bring home money that was held offshore, to bring it back to the united states without paying the required taxes. now, here's what the law requires. that when profits are brought back to the united states, profits are taxed. the i.r.s. allows an exemption for very short-term loans from offsh
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3

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